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28 Kesäkuu 2018

News September 2018.

Some of the new products presented by Falmec during Eurocucina 2018 will be available starting from September. They all have been studied to satisfy everybody’s needs and to enhance daily life quality, being inspired by life.

The keywords which bind these products are: design, innovation and Made in Italy quality. Smart, functional and captivating solutions are the result of Falmec authentic care towards people needs and locations characteristics. This is the way to create unique objects, manufactured down to the finest details and perfected in every single aspect.

Gruppo Incasso E.ion® System
The new version of Gruppo Incasso has been equipped with Falmec E.ion® System patented technology. It is a built-in model perfect for the existing trend of minimalistic design. This hood sanitise the air using a controlled bipolar ionization which make indoor air quality similar to outdoor one, reducing bad odours and harmful substances (such as bacteria, viruses, pollens, moulds and mites). Ions help us to feel happier, healthier and more focused. Gruppo Incasso E.ion®, has a sensor that constantly monitors the presence of polluting agents showing air quality on a leaf display, which changes colour from yellow (poor air quality) to green (pure air). This hood has also Auto mode to always grant the best air quality in your home.

Francesco Lucchese has designed a Falmec concept which revolutionary performs a new idea of kitchen experience, where functionality is the core business together with beauty. This hood is made for being a really useful appliance while cooking. The 180 cm island body has full-length fumè glass shelves on which it's possible to put tools and kitchenware, there is also a ladles hanger and a LED system that lits the whole worktop. Spazio has a never-seen-before accessories kit and functionalities range. It has USB ports; downward power sockets where devices (such as tablets, mobiles and MP3s) can be charged while having them at your fingertips; and a tablet support to easily use your favourite apps... maybe a delicous recipes one! Spazio can also have a little indoor garden (courtesy of Falmec) to homegrow some aromatic plants and it’s equipped with Circle.Tech technology.

Vega is a filtering ceiling hood defined by a meticulous care of proportions, that with the use of Falmec Circle.Tech technology, allowed to design a product with extremely simple and light looks. The thin frame, available in different finishes, is separated into symmetrical segments that delineate a vertical visual detail making the product harmonious and delicate. Finally, the perimeter suction and the lower lighting panel define an architectural and rational product suitable for all kitchen environments.

Levante, by Circle.Tech collection, features an essential geometry, made by a glass body, available in white or black, and a panel placed in the lower part lit throughout all its surface, enclosed in a frame of polished steel. The hood can be raised or lowered according to the needs thanks to a remotely controlled motorized up/down lift system. Height can be managed according to need, then the hood can raise to the ceiling, at the end of the operation.

Virgola No-Drop
Virgola No-Drop, by Design collection, efficiently faces the problem of dripping condensation, especially frequent when using induction hobs. No-Drop System patented technology solves this problem using a battery of metal cross-bladed filters, which condense the cooking vapors, that are collected in a special space. The filters are also equipped with a special treatment that prevents the formation of drops from steam and fumes, which are spread and pulverized evenly on the surface. It will be available in three different sizes (60, 90 and 120 cm), with a highly efficient 800 m3/h motor, electronic control and dynamic LED light (to adjust the hood light temperature to the kitchen’s mood).

In Alba, designers Valerio Sommella and Alberto Saggia endorse a minimalist design making it the perfect choice for those seeking an elegant and discreet extractor system housed in a geometric shape. The Alba design is distinguished by a perimetral glass frame protruding from the ceiling, whilst the functional core is hidden behind a matte white painted panel which seamlessly blends into the ceiling. The final aesthetic is particularly striking thanks to the clear-cut perimeter of the glass frame which is LED backlit when in operation. This ensures the worktop is illuminated for optimum visibility and efficiency in the kitchen. Meanwhile, perimetral extraction is used to efficiently extract moisture from the cooking area. Alba offers flexibility in its design; from its compatibility with several different motors including the option for a recirculating system using Falmec’s patented Carbon.Zeo ceiling filtering kit, to the choice to paint the white panel to match the existing décor in the home. Alba is part of Design collection.

Falmec presented a new integrated solution, Quantum. Quantum expresses the concept of one and indivisible, as in quantum physics. Falmec takes up this definition, presenting a solution that perfectly integrates into a single suction and cooking body. A black ceramic glass induction hob, equipped with a central suction unit featuring motorized glass flaps that automatically open and close. The system is embellished by a matte black steel frame that delimits the extraction area and also acts as a protective element. Quantum is also equipped with an automatic mode that adjusts the suction speed according to the cooking power, to always have an optimal extraction.

All these new products will be available starting from September 2018.

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